How to Bet on Cricket

Football and horse racing may get more of the attention when it comes to online betting but for those in the know, the world of cricket offers some really good value when it comes to having a punt.

It may seem like an impenetrable sport for some who havenh’t grown up with the game but with just a little bit of knowledge there is plenty to gain from exploring cricket betting. In this guide we will take a look at how to bet on cricket and the various types of bets you could have a go with.

With any sport it obviously pays to know a little bit about what is going, who the best players are and what kind of tournaments and competitions are taking place throughout the year. Hopefully the information we’ll share here with give even the completely cricketing uninitiated a basic grounding in the sport and the ability to feel confident when it comes to cricket betting.

Cricket Betting

One of the supposed problems with cricket when it comes betting and also becoming a fan is that its popularity is not as worldwide as, say football. Although the game is spreading its reach into countries and regions that haven’t traditionally been cricket-playing there is a still large area of the world where it is virtually unknown.

Another stumbling block for many wanting to learn more about the game and get into cricket is that there are a lot of cricket specific terms and rules that could seem hard to understand for anyone new to the sport. But, with the help of this guide, you will see that you do not need to know all the ins and outs of the sport to enjoy and grow to love it. And from there you should have a better understanding and confidence to be able to know how to bet on cricket.

The Global Reach of Cricket

A simple way of finding out where cricket is played – to a large extent – is to look at the countries that make up the Commonwealth. Generally, countries that used to be part of the old British Empire many years ago were introduced to the sport at the time. That is why the main cricket playing nations are England (a catch all for the whole of the United Kingdom really), Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

But then due to people moving all around the world – and the increase in popularity in areas previously cricket free – there are plenty of other countries where there is a healthy cricket following. We will go into more detail a little bit later but that is why there are other nations that appear at the Cricket World Cup these days, such as Afghanistan, Ireland and the Netherlands.

The Different Forms of Cricket

Before you can really learn how to bet on cricket you should first know about the different formats the game takes. It may seem strange at first if you don’t know anything about the game but it may help to think of it simply like eleven a side football and five a side football being ultimately the same game but a slightly different set up.

We are not going into the minutest detail of how to play the sport but it will help with your cricket betting to discover the basic ways of playing the game. The most traditional format of cricket is the test match. These are played over five days between two teams. Each team has two attempts at batting and the one with the most runs wins the match. There is no set amount of time that each side gets so that is why five days are given to the test.

The other type of cricket (that is broken down into different length games) is limited overs. For the complete novice, an ‘over’ is six balls or number of time a team bowls the ball. Limited overs can come in 50, 40 or more recently – and most popular – 20. The aim of the game is still to get more runs than the opposing side but many new fans, especially, find limited overs cricket more exciting as there is more action in a shorter frame of time.

Cricket Tradition

Many traditional fans of cricket favour the test match as they believe that this the way the game should be played and is the ideal format to show the skill and attention to detail that the sport requires. Although the international version of the five day matches are still very popular, domestic region or county cricket does not attract as much interest and limited over games get bigger crowds.

International test match cricket is still a great way to learn about the game and has some amazing history in many of the fixtures. This is probably due to the limited amount of nations that used to play the game so rivalries were more intense and have grown into the folklore of the sport.

One of the biggest test match fixtures – and one that you will want to learn about when it comes to cricket betting – is England v Australia, otherwise known as the Ashes. The reason for the name is that the two side play for a ‘trophy’ of a little urn reputed to contain the ashes of a cricket ball.

The name goes back to the end of the 19th century when Australia first beat England on English soil and a satirical obituary appeared in an Australian newspaper stating that English cricket had died and the ashes taken to Australia. Ever since the test match series between the two countries has been known as ‘the Ashes’.

How to Bet on Cricket

  1. Sign up for an online account with any of the bookies out there
  2. When you sign into your account go the cricket markets
  3. If you are new to this go for one of the big matches
  4. Do a little bit of research

Year Round Cricket

Even with test cricket there is the ability to play cricket all through the year and therefore learning how to bet on cricket gives you the chance to take full advantage of 12 months’ worth of fixtures and betting markets every year.

Although cricket cannot be played in inclement weather the locations of the main cricket playing nations means that the test series, limited over series and all other matches can be played all through the year depending on which region of the world is enjoying summer at any one time.

For example, England will host their test series and matches during their ‘summer’ months – roughly May, June, July and September – but will then go on their ‘tours’ in the British winter months and play in hotter climes of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and West Indies. As India and Pakistan and the rest of Asia tend to have hotter months than Europe as well there is a great chance for England to play at any time of the year.

Test match series and tours tend to be organised on a cyclical basis so it won’t be long before a return fixture comes around. This also has helped with the friendly rivalries that have sprung up between cricket playing countries.

Although victories do count towards the ranking of the countries there is no one big test match trophy so the individual series are the ones to look out for and when you discover a little bit more about the two sides involved you will be able to work out how to bet on cricket with more confidence.

Although historically there have been traditionally stronger test match cricket nations this does change over time and some countries have strong periods before making way for another to come to the fore. Cricket’s governing body – the ICC – ranks the countries constantly so you can see you the best is supposed to be. At the time of writing Australia head the rankings above India, Pakistan and England but there have been times when the West Indies were all conquering even though they find themselves further down the table now.

The Different Limited Overs Cricket Competitions

Unlike test match cricket the limited overs game gives the fans a number of competitions to focus on with the cricket betting as well the usual tours and series that most sides undertake at the same time as their test matches.

The limited overs game used to be what is also called one day cricket with teams having 50 overs each to determine a winner. But in a bid to increase popularity around the world a shorter, more explosive game was drawn up in which each side only gets 20 overs to bat.

This shortened version of the game has attracted a much more action packed style of play compared to the tried and trusted, take it slow manner of a test match. And the bid for popularity has definitely worked. All test match playing cricket countries now also have a competition devoted to the 20 over – or T20 – game in which their regions compete.

This is also true for the international stage and there are some nations that have taken to this style of cricket better than others. Although all are now taking it as a different game in its own right employing specialist coaches to train the squads specifically in this shortened version. Some players have also found that their power, especially with the bat, is better suited to T20 rather than the test match game.

So you will find when you learn how to bet on cricket that not all players and teams are good at all formats of cricket and a little bit of research into who is good at what goes a long way when it comes to making your betting selections.

We will now take a look at some of the big international limited overs cricket competitions to give you an idea of who to bet on.

The Cricket World Cup

The one day game’s most prestigious and popular competition is the ICC Cricket World Cup that has taken place every our years since 1975. There are so many countries that now play limited overs cricket that there is a qualification process involved for the smaller nations. All the test playing nations automatically qualify for the tournament.

The first three tournaments were all held in England but came at a time when the West Indies had the best bowlers and batsmen in the world – and it was them who won the first two competitions. India surprised everyone by winning the third event in 1983.

The early 90s saw Pakistan and Sri Lanka win one tournament each while Australia started to excel in the shortened version of the game. Indeed, it was Australia who then completely took over the one day format from the start of the millennium, winning four of the last five events.

For anyone who wants to do a bit research into one day cricket before the next Cricket World Cup, you’ll be pleased to know that you have time on your hands. The next one isn’t until 2019 when England and Wales will be the hosts. Obviously a lot will happen in the next three years but if the current ICC rankings are anything to go by then Australia are still the team to beat sitting at the top of the pile.

The ICC Champions Trophy

Originally developed as a one day international tournament with all the ICC affiliated countries taking part, recently it has been for only the top eight ranked nations.

For anyone looking for betting form the winners of this tournament have been more of a mixed bag. It is questionable whether looking at past winners is a good indicator of future winners when it comes to learning how to bet on cricket but it does show that it doesn’t necessarily follow that the same country will win both one day competitions.

South Africa, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies all won a competition before Australia were finally crowned champions in 2006. India won the last outing of the tournament in 2013, which was said to be the last instalment, but that decision has been reversed with the next Champions Trophy scheduled to be held in England and Wales next year.

The 2017 tournament is going to take place from the 1st-18th June next year with England, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan all taking part.

Australia, at the top of the international one day rankings, would seem like a good bet to win the competition but home field advantage may play to England’s favour – especially with the crowd behind them. India and Sri Lanka have traditionally had good one day cricketers so cannot be discounted either.

But with such a small field of entrants it really comes down to how the sides compete on the day. The competition is split into two groups with only the top two going through to the knock out semi-final. When you see that England, New Zealand and Australia are all in Group A, alongside Bangladesh, there are going to be some very good sides not even getting out of the first stage of competition.

If you are finding your feet when it comes to learning how to bet on cricket then these kinds of competitions are great as they add a real excitement to the game and also the chance to make very simple betting selections to hopefully get you the money to keep you even more interested in the game.

The ICC World Twenty20

Also known as the T20 World Cup, this tournament has been held roughly every two years since 2005. The first international T20 (or 20 over game) had only taken place a couple of years before but the style of cricket has really caught the imagination of a whole new set of cricket fans, especially the young. The cricket on show tends to be more exciting and explosive with a more entertainment aspect to the sport put across at the same time.

Although they have traditionally dominated cricket for quite a while, Australia have not tended to do so well in this format and have never won the trophy. And for anyone looking for pointers towards the winner of the next competition it looks like home field advantage can be discounted as a plus point as a host country has never won their own T20 World Cup.

The West Indies have won two of the last three versions of the tournament with India, Pakistan, England and Sri Lanka all having picked up one trophy win apiece too.

Originally the next T20 World Cup was not going to take place until 2020 with a four year gap introduced before Australia host that tournament. But the ICC has sounded out the idea of including an event in 2018 with South Africa the possible venue. This has not been finally decided yet with the final say coming in October this year.

If there was to be a competition in 2018 then a quick glance at the ICC rankings for T20 cricket would show that New Zealand are currently ranked first ahead of India, the West Indies and South Africa themselves. The cricketing powerhouse of Australia is only considered to be the sixth best country in the world when it comes to this format, just behind England.

When it was first introduced, T20 was seen as a bit of a gimmick with some of the players not taking it too seriously. But as the game has become more and more popular, especially in the cricket-loving country of India, it is this format of the game that has attracted the biggest crowds as well as the largest amount of prize money at stake.

If a decision is made not to stage a tournament in 2018, the next one will be held in Australia in 2020, but with more and more cricket fans getting into this version of cricket it would be surprising if the governing body didn’t want to give the crowds what they want.

The Explosion of Twenty20 Cricket

Although we have profiled the T20 World Cup as we were looking at the international side of the game, it has been within countries where the real increase in the interest and popularity of T20 cricket has taken place.

India in particular has really gone for this version in a big way but there are T20 competitions in a whole host of other nations as well. Australia, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies and Sri Lanka all have their own domestic competitions with even Ireland, the Netherlands and Scotland sides taking part in their own tournaments too.

Most competitions are made up from the existing regions, counties or areas of the country in question and just added to the list of competitions that each nation has for their sides.

The big one when it comes to T20 leagues is India’s IPL. The competition takes place every year – this year’s was in April and May with fans treated to a seemingly never ending display of innovations to attract new fans to the game. This year LED stumps were used for the first time ever and it is this idea of razzmatazz that has definitely brought a new kind of cricket fan to the game, while at the same time angering some of the more traditional cricket supporters.

The popularity of the T20 game is partly down the money involved with huge amounts given as prize money to the winning sides. The IPL also conduct an auction each year for the franchised teams to bid for some of the best players in the world which has meant even more going into the game.

If you are learning how to bet on cricket you have obviously missed this year’s version of the IPL but there are plenty of other competitions to take a look at while you get the hang of cricket betting.

The Domestic Game

As we have seen it is not just international cricket that attracts the fans and if you are looking to get into cricket betting then taking a look at the domestic game is definitely of interest. It might not get quite the attention of the big World Cups but with so many competitions and tournaments in every country there are plenty of markets to explore.

As an example we are going to look at what kind of competitions take place in the UK but the format and organisation of the tournaments are very similar across all the major cricketing nations.

As with the international game you will see that there are some teams that seem to do well in particular formats of the game so it doesn’t necessarily mean if a side is successful in the long form version that they will also be all conquering in the T20 competition as well.

Again, as with other areas of cricket and all sport, it really pays to do your research before making your selections. You may be able to get lucky with the odds now and then but if you know a little about the game you are more able to find the real value when it comes to the cricket betting markets.

Betting on the County Championship

The oldest competition when it comes to cricket in the UK is the County Championship. Each match is held over four days with the 18 English and Welsh counties split into two divisions of nine sides each. Every team plays every other county in their division twice – home and away.

The points system for the leagues is fairly complex but as with any league based competition the winner is usually the team that wins the most matches. If you are new to cricket betting then you should know that the county championship season runs from April to July and due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of the British summer time, games can be abandoned so you should keep an eye on the weather as well as taking all the usual factors into account.

The teams involved are made up of some of the larger counties in the country and as the tournament has been in existence since the end of the 19th century it probably doesn’t help to see who the most successful sides are but there are a number of ‘familiar faces’ when it comes to taking the honours.

Historically Yorkshire is by far the most successful side when it comes to County Championship victories and is also the current champions. Surrey and Lancashire are the next two most successful counties and if you were looking for a good bet for this season then you could probably do a lot worse than pick one of these.

But you can also bet on the second division as well and with so much movement between the leagues there is plenty of scope for a county being out of the limelight for a while and then becoming very powerful indeed. As with all sports competitions it pays to do your research before making your selections.

Limited Overs Cricket in the UK

The same counties that compete in the four day cricket league also go against each other in a number of limited overs cricket competition. There have been some sort of limited overs tournament held since the late 1960s although it has seen a number of tweaks along the way.

The current incarnation of the limited overs competition is the Royal London One Day Cup. The first version of this cup was only staged in 2014 when the competition went back to lasting 50 overs to fall in line with the international one day tournaments. Before then it had been a 40 over game for about 15 years.

The counties are split into two groups – North and South – with the top four in each section going through to a knock out quarter final and so on to the final. Gloucestershire are the current holders although at the time of writing they have started their defence of the trophy in a terrible way winning only one of their first few games. To show, once again, that you cannot assume a team will be good across all formats of cricket, Gloucestershire have never won the longer County Championship form of cricket in their entire history.

This season’s tournament runs from the start of June with the knockout stage beginning in August and the final at the start of September. As well as making an outright selection for your bet you can also obviously have a punt on any individual game and any of the markets that that entails depending on your online bookie.

Domestic Twenty20 Cricket

Twenty20 cricket has enlivened the game and brought a whole new generation of fans to the sport. Whereas traditionalists may worry that the shortened format is going too far away from the game’s roots it is a fact that the crowds for Twenty20 games are consistently impressive while County Championship match grounds can sometimes be very sparsely filled.

There has been domestic Twenty20 competition in the UK since 2003 with the latest version of the tournament called the NatWest t20 Blast. Much like the one day competition the 18 major counties in England and Wales are split into two groups along geographical lines. At the end of group stage the top four from each section qualify for the knockout stage. Another example of innovative thinking on behalf of the Twenty20 game is that the semi-finals and final of the tournament are played consecutively on the same day in the same ground in what is called ‘Finals Day’. This obviously gives a lot of scope for betting markets and is therefore a big day in the cricket betting calendar.

As far as form teams, tournament victories have been spread around over the 13 years of the competition’s existence with only Leicestershire and Hampshire ever winning more than one tournament (three for Leicestershire and two for Hampshire).

This year’s tournament spreads across May, June, July and August with the final towards the end of the month. Ironically both Leicestershire and Hampshire sit at the bottom of their respective groups at the time of writing with the current holders Lancashire also having an average campaign so far.

There are some counties that have taken on American-style names to give a little bit more entertainment value to the competition and the county of Worcestershire have even changed their name to Birmingham Bears to highlight the city in which they play – something that has never been done before in the history of English cricket.

Another aspect of the T20 Blast that attracts a younger crowd is the introduction of day night matches that start in the light of the day but are able to carry on later than conventional and traditional matches thanks to floodlights at some of the grounds.

Although the game has been refined slightly in the last few years there is still a premium paid for big hitters as with so little time to bat, teams need to get a big score on the board as quickly as possible so need the power of these specialised batsmen. It is quite common to find players who are big stars in the Twenty20 version of the game but don’t get much of a look in when it comes to the traditional longer version of the game.

Thanks to the excitement and fast nature of the Twenty20 game punters can find good value in ever changing markets attempting to keep up with the fast nature of the format as compared to say test cricket.

When to Bet on Cricket

  1. Thanks to cricket being a global game you can bet all year round
  2. Check on when the big tournaments are played
  3. Bet through the night when watching the Ashes in Australia!

Who to Look for When it Comes to Cricket Betting

We will take a look at some of the markets you can expect to find in a little while but when you are making your betting selections you may want to focus on individual players as well as the teams or countries involved.

As good as some of the sides are if you want to concentrate on which players are consistently playing well at any given time you could find some good value and interesting markets away from the standard match outrights.

As we have already demonstrated, the differences between test match, one day and Twenty20 cricket mean that some players are naturally more gifted in one of the formats over the others. It sometimes is the case that cricketers who are good in the one day game are good in the slightly shorter Twenty20 format but even that is not always the way it works. And some players are just good all across the board so it is always good to see any markets concerning them.

The Best Batsmen in the World

When it comes to who the top batsmen in cricket it is no surprise that Australians feature heavily – at least in the test match rankings. In fact there are three Aussies in the top ten with the best batsman in the world at the current being Steve Smith.  The rest of the top ten is made up from a selection of other countries with New Zealand, Pakistan, England, South Africa and Sri Lanka all represented.

The interesting thing to note when looking at these rankings is how few players feature in all three sections – test match, one day and Twenty20. Although this is no surprise given the different aspects to the three types of cricket it shows once again to make your selections with the format very much in mind. Although there are some players that do feature in two of the three formats top tens there is only New Zealand’s Kane Williamson and England’s Joe Root that appear in all three. This would suggest that these two can be relied on to deliver with the bat whatever the format and any markets concerning batting performances including either New Zealand or England should be invested in.

There are others such as South Africa’s AB de Villiers who tops the one day rankings and features high up in the test match rankings so you know he is handy with the bat whether he needs to pile on the runs quickly or play in for a longer innings. The more expected combination of top tens would be to feature in the one day ranking as well as the one for Twenty20. India’s Virhat Kohli is probably the best example of this, topping the Twenty20 rankings and being named as the second best one day batsman in the world.

Betting on the Bowlers

Whereas the batsmen in cricket are rightly lauded for their skill there is another equally important side of the game and that is the bowlers. The West Indies of the 1970s and 1980s were especially feared for their speed and skill and expertly complemented their great batsman of the day. It is when the two sides of the team both consistently rank highly that you know the team is a good bet and it is worth checking out the relevant markets.

Doing a bit of research into the ICC rankings before making your selections can be illuminating – and might help finding the right bet. As far as bowling goes England have two of their pacemen ranked in the top three in the world in James Anderson and Stuart Broad but neither of them features at all in the top tens for one day and Twenty20. In fact there are no there England bowlers ranked so highly at all.

There are a number of bowlers who make an appearance in both the test match and one day top tens – or the one day and Twenty20 rankings but there is no one in the same position of being in all three like Williamson and Root did on the batting side.

Some names to look out for if you are thinking of betting on some limited over bowling markets would be West Indian Sunil Narine, who is the top ranked one day bowler as well as featuring high up in the Twenty 20 top ten. South Africa’s Imran Tahir also features highly in both formats of the limited overs game.

Then there are also a couple of names who can span one day internationals with full test match performances such as South Africa’s Morne Morkel and Dake Steyn, as well as Trent Boult from New Zealand. The fact that they can perform so highly in two quite different formats of the game suggests that potential punters should keep an eye out for games featuring these two sides as they could well have a big say in the proceedings.

Don’t Just Focus on Men’s Cricket

Of course, there is no need to just focus on the men’s game when it comes to cricket. There are plenty of women’s cricket fixtures happening all the time and the international stage is a great example of this.

The ICC rankings only cover the one day and Twenty20 games but a quick glance at the two formats show a few familiar names that should be followed if you are looking to win some money betting on women’s cricket.

The first name who really stands out is Australia’s Meg Lanning who tops both batting rankings and is obviously a very fine player. In fact there is a lot more crossover between the two versions with New Zealand’s Suzie Bates, India’s Mithali Raj, the West Indies’ Stafanie Taylor and England’s Sarah Taylor and Charlotte Edwards making both top tens.

There is a little bit less domination when it comes to the bowling side of things in the women’s game but there are a few names that crop up in both top tens for one day and Twenty20. The stars to look out for when it comes to bowling betting markets are the West Indies’ Anisa Mohammed, South Africa’s Shibnam Ismail, Australia’s Ellyse Perry and England’s Anya Shrubsole who manages to top the rankings for the Twenty20 game.

The women’s game is a little bit more predictable when it comes to who will win but there is still plenty of really good competition. Australia, New Zealand and England are the consistently good sides but India and the West Indies are no push overs either so research well before you make your selections.

Where to Bet on Cricket

  1. Any bookie will have cricket markets
  2. Compare odds and markets to see which bookie is best
  3. Make sure you have the game on TV so you can keep up with the latest developments

The Different Kinds of Bets Available with Cricket

As should be expected in a sport where it can take up to five days to come to a result (depending on the format) there are plenty of markets to explore and discover when it comes to cricket betting.

As with most sports you can decide to bet either ante post (or before the start of the match) or have a go with in play betting. For those of you new to online betting that means that you can place your bets during the match. This obviously opens up a whole host of different things to have a flutter on – some markets being very time sensitive as well.

As cricket at an international level is usually organised in the way of a tour by a visiting country there is the added opportunity to bet on the entire series as well as the individual test matches, one day internationals and Twenty20 matches along the way.

When it comes to individual match betting there is obviously the chance to predict the outcome – a home win, away win or draw. We will be looking at some hints and tips in a minute but betting on the draw can be quite an astute move depending on where in the world and at what time of year the match is being played.

Another thing to take into consideration is that there a lots of betting markets specific to either side of the game. That is that there are some bets concerning the bowling side and others that are to do with the batting side.

On the bowling side you can bet on the number of runs a bowler concedes in their overs – or even in a specified amount of overs. This can be constantly updated when you are making your selections through an in play facility. You could choose to go for how successful a bowler is though and make a selection concerning how many wickets a bowler will take in an innings. You may also be able to choose in groups of numbers – for example 3-4 wickets – but this will obviously get you shorter odds.

If you really want to have a bet on a time specific market, why not go for the boundary in the next over market? This can also be split into either a four or a six so you could really take your chance on the weakness of the bowler – or the strength of the batsman.

If you think that the batting side are particularly big hitters there is the most team sixes market where you can bet on which of the two sides will get the most sixes in their inning or innings. If you choose this in a Twenty20 match you could find that both sides really go for it, trying to slog their way to victory. Test matches tend to be more sedate but you never know when a batsman will get the opportunity to hit a bowler all over the park!

A fairly typical market when it comes to cricket matches of any format is the number of runs per inning. To give you a bit of help the bookie will normally have bands of numbers rather than individual amounts. For example you can go for England reaching 276 to 300 runs in their second innings. A related bet would be breaking that down to individual players. Obviously bowlers are not expected to get many runs at all when they are in bat so you may not get great odds on one of them not scoring much but it would be a bit harder when it comes to the top batsman who can just as easily get out for 0 than make a century. Speaking of which, you can also predict which players will get half centuries or centuries in a particular inning.

For a broader run related bet you could choose to make your selection on how many runs will be scored by a batting team in a set amount of overs. Again this is usually set out in specific amounts rather than on an ad hoc basis. Individual batsman can also be bet on when it comes to how many boundaries they will score in a specific innings. Again this can also be broken down into fours or sixes.

Due to the nature of cricket there are also a number of ways a player can be out. Seeing as they could be bowled, caught, stumped or out by LBW (leg before wicket) you can understand that there is plenty of scope for making quite a few bets across an entire match!

Cricket is the statistician’s dream game with so many records for both individual and teams to aspire to. And with it being such a long game – even in the relatively short Twenty20 format – there is so much to bet on you could get bogged down in all the possibilities. The best thing to do is start small and go for some of the more general bets. If you are completely new to the sport or even online betting you could just plump for a match result and get to know the details of the game by watching it – hopefully to a successful conclusion!

Some Basic Hints and Tips for Cricket Betting

It could take all year to go into all the intricacies of how to bet on cricket as there are so many factors that play tiny, but very important, parts in deciding how a match will go. We’re not going to go into that much detail here but here are some things to look out for and take into consideration when you are making your selections – whatever they are.

It is very important to point out here that you may have heard about cricket betting scandals where players provided tips and insider knowledge to influence betting markets – and that many of those players have been suspended or banned from the game. We are not looking into those kinds of details but just certain areas of the game that can influence a result in a way that doesn’t really happen in most sports. If you are new to betting on cricket but know a bit about sports betting in general you may be surprised how something so trivial can be such a deciding factor when it comes to the outcome of a match.

We have already explained the various different formats of cricket that can be played and also seen how certain players find that they are better suited to some rather than others. So it goes without saying that depending on whether the match is a test, a one day international or a Twenty20 you will want to make your bets accordingly. You might find that a side isn’t playing particularly well in the long form game but still have the skill and talent to slog themselves to victory in the excitement of a Twenty20 match. Just because they may have been completely thrashed in a test match series doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be backed in a shorter format on the same tour.

That being said, you should take a good look at the recent results of the team you are thinking of betting on. If they are low in confidence and have not looked on top form then they may not be able to win even the games that they are expected to be victorious in. Cricket players can rely heavily on current form to get them through so if confidence has been lost then even the best players might be worth avoiding when it comes to your selection.

Unlike some other sports like football or rugby, the outcome of a cricket match can depend very much on something as unrelated to the players as the weather. And it can be much more than just too much rain making a game unplayable. Changes in the weather can deeply affect matches that are able to continue. Gloomier weather has an effect on the atmosphere and this can enable bowlers to bowl in a different way that some batsmen may find much harder. Conversely, if the weather is good then bowlers may have a really hard time breaking down a batting side.

Looking back at past records between sides is important as well. You may well find that some teams are able to beat another at will – or that their dominance is restricted to a particular format. Some sides just can’t deal with others so it pays to do your research before making your bet. And that goes for who is actually playing as well. Cricket selectors will know whether an opposing side are susceptible to slower spin bowlers or fast pace bowlers and will choose their sides accordingly. If you think that they have got it wrong when you see the starting eleven it may be a good time to put your knowledge to good use.

Obviously cricket fans and pundits alike have a lot of time to talk about the details when it comes to a test match but there are a lot of smaller aspects of a match that can have a big say on the outcome. For example, the condition of the pitch plays a big part in cricket so it is well worth finding out how it is at the start of the match as well as throughout – especially if you are getting into in play markets. If a pitch is beginning to crack in hotter climates then this would probably make it harder for batsmen to score a lot of runs as it would be uneven and unpredictable. Naturally the bowlers love this!

If you are betting on a match which is a part of a larger international tour then the outcome may well depend on what stage of the tour it is – and what time of year in which country. Towards the end of long tour on the other side of the world you could find that a team are weary and look out of sorts – especially if the results have not been going their way already. It doesn’t necessarily follow that the higher ranked side will win. Or you could find that a touring side from a hotter climate might find a match at the start of the series more difficult if the weather isn’t particularly good. Cricket matches come down to these types of things so you need to do your research.

With cricket you may well find that the odds aren’t always a good indicator of how the match is going to go. Usually with sports markets you would only go with the longer odds as an outside bet but with cricket is not necessarily a bad thing to take a punt. Things can change very quickly in a cricket match and swing the whole thing from one team’s fortune to another. You just need a bowler to go on a wicket spree and everything changes. Or the tail of an innings could put on a big runs total to completely alter the look of a game. With these big swings in fortune it means that sometimes the unlikeliest event could well happen. It isn’t always the short odds that you want to go for.

As we said, there are plenty more variables that you could take into consideration when it comes to deciding what to bet on when it comes to cricket. But to really understand them fully you would need some kind of grounding in the game and if you are a relative newcomer to the sport then you don’t want to be overwhelmed by seemingly trivial details. The longer you take doing your research into the game the better you will be when it comes down to betting on the sport.

Managing Your Money with Your Online Betting Account

Although this guide is primarily about learning how to bet on cricket and discovering the tips and hints that will really help with your cricket batting we should give you some practical information as well.

As we have mentioned earlier, to bet on any sport online you will need to register and sign up for an online account. Fortunately there are plenty of online bookies to choose from, all offering their own enticing welcome offer to get you as one of their customers.

As there is no obligations on the consumer when you sign up for an online betting account it is probably a good idea to sign up for more than one. You won’t be able to sign up, take your welcome gift and run as the promotions will always have some kind of terms and conditions – usually concerning a certain amount of bets before the welcome gift kicks in properly. But as long as you are not betting too much, a couple of accounts are easy enough to maintain.

Most online bookies have very similar formats and processes when it comes to using their sites as it means new customers will not be put off by being forced to learn a whole new way of betting every time they want to change where they make their selections. This is in the bookie’s interest obviously as otherwise a lot of people would never change where the bet.

We are going to take an example of how to move your money around as they are probably one of the best online betting sites on the market and have a very typical process for their banking system.

Depositing Money into Your Account

There are a whole host of methods you can choose from when it comes to depositing funds into your betting account. Some will be more popular with customers than others but here’s a look at the differences between them.

Most people registering for new customer accounts will probably choose to deposit their money using a Visa or Maestro debit card or a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Either of these types of cards have the same details which are that the money will credit your betting account instantly and there are no charges for this. In fact all the methods we will explain carry no kind of handling charge. The only restrictions with both debit and credit cards are that you must deposit at least £5 (if you are using GBP) and cannot put more than £20,000 at any one time.

There are a number of e-wallet methods that might be open to you and although the process is the same with all of them there are a few differences when it comes to limits. Skrill, Skrill 1 Tap and paysafecard all have a minimum deposit of £5 but their maximums differ. You can deposit up to £25,000 using Skrill, £8,000 using the Skrill 1 Tap method and just £770 with the paysafecard.

You are also able to use the Neteller and Paypal e-wallet methods – both of these have a minimum deposit of £10. But Neteller will allow you to put in up to £37,500 whereas Paypal caps their deposit limit at £5,500. The only other method that guarantees your money will be going into your account instantly is the iDebit bank transfer. With this method you can deposit from £10 to £1,500.

There are a couple of other bank transfer methods open to you but there will be a slight delay on how long the money takes to get into your online betting account. Fast Bank Transfer takes just 1-3 banking days and you can deposit from £5 to £100,000. The Bank Wire takes slightly longer – anything from 2-10 banking days. The minimum here is £100 with the same maximum deposit available to you of £100,000.

You may want to take advantage of the Entropay virtual prepaid card method of depositing money into your betting account. It makes sure your money will get there instantly and you can put in anything from £10 to £20,000.

One last method of depositing your money is the old fashioned cheque. Not many customers will still be using this one but if you are that way inclined they will take anything from 5-28 banking days with a minimum deposit of £100. The maximum you can put in at any one time is £5,000.

Withdrawing Your Money

Hopefully you will have done successfully enough with your betting that you will be able to take out some of your winnings to spend. The first thing to note here is that whatever method you used to deposit your money is the method that will be used to take your money out. The only slight exception is that you have paid your money in by cheque you will be paid out by cheque – or by a bank wire.

There are a couple of other main differences between depositing and withdrawing. Whereas when you deposit money most methods ensure that your cash will go instantly into your account, that is not the case when it comes taking the money out. This is to do with traditional banking regulations rather than anything nefarious on the part of the bookie! And although most of the methods are free as with when you deposit your money, there is one exception and that is bank wire. The charge will be made aware to you when withdrawing so you won’t be hit with any nasty surprises.

When it comes to withdrawing you money the e-wallet methods are generally the fastest with Skrill, Paypal and the paysafecard all getting the money to you within 24 hours. That’s also the same deal with the Entropay virtual prepaid card and the iDebit bank transfer methods. The Neteller e-wallet is the fastest though, taking just 1 to 4 hours.

There is vastly different withdrawal limits with all these though. Neteller, Paypal, iDebit and the paysafecard all have minimum withdrawals of £10 but Neteller let you take out up to £37,500, PayPal £5,500, iDebit £1,500 and the paysafecard £2,000. Skrill has a slightly lower minimum of £5 and a maximum limit of £25,000.

As far as taking money out of your betting account with debit and credit cards go, both methods will take 1 to 3 banking days and have a maximum withdrawal limit of £20,000. The only difference between the two is that debit cards let you take just £5 out while credit cards have a lower limit of £10.

Managing your money when it comes to online betting account is actually very straightforward but it does pay to know the details before you start moving cash around just in case you get a bit of surprise. The main things to remember – however you do it – is that you will have to use the same method to withdraw as you did to deposit and that it is banking days so you need to take weekends and bank holidays into account when you are figuring out when you should see your money.

Learning How to Bet on Cricket

Without wanting to put anyone off, to be really successful betting on cricket you really need to have grown up with the game and understand its little peculiarities. There are so many variables when it comes to individual players and games – let alone grounds, pitches and weather conditions – that you might never get to the bottom of it.

But to be honest, even the most seasoned of cricket fans will never know everything so don’t be alarmed if you are a little rusty on which player has a good record on which pitch at a specific time of year. Those details may well help you but you can find yourself getting bogged down as well.

Hopefully you will have found the information in this guide useful and have a better understanding on some of the finer points of cricket and how they might influence an outcome. There is no greater advice for anyone new to the game who wants to get into betting on cricket than to just watch the sport. It can seem fairly hard to understand sometimes (and some of the in-the-know- terms and language used doesn’t always help!) but you will definitely discover more and follow the game easier if you watch more games.

Cricket can sometimes have quite a staid image – especially if you only take the longer format into consideration – but the more explosive new versions of the sport are attracting bigger and younger audiences that are getting into a game that they might not otherwise bother with.

But test cricket doesn’t have to be boring either. When cricket is played at a high standard there can be amazing amounts of tension and drama even in a game that lasts five days! The Ashes series between England and Australia is always a good example of this. Where a lot of fans might prefer one day internationals or quicker games, the history and rivalry that the Ashes series brings up makes every match one to savour. If you want to get into cricket betting and get carried away with the sport at the same time you could do a lot worse than taking a look at test match between these two great old adversaries.

Having a bet on a cricket match is a great way of taking an interest in the event before you know everything about it and if it means that you give the sport a bit more attention from then on then you might just find that you grow to love it – even if you didn’t think you would!

By signing up for an online betting company using one of the many welcome offers out there you are already giving yourself a head start as you will be receiving free bets to do with what you choose. If the sport of cricket is new to you why not go a little out of your comfort zone and explore the markets. By using some of the information from this guide you will hopefully be able to understand it all a little bit more and actually go on to make a bit of money!