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India vs Pakistan Odds

Learn about India vs Pakistan Odds by reading this article.

The cricket rivalry between these two nations has been embroiled in controversy, great games and an age old rivalry. Their matches are considered to be part of one of the biggest sporting rivalries in the history of sports and have captured the attention of billions of people across the globe.

India and Pakistan have a healthy and sometimes difficult cricketing relationship. Starting out from when India won its first test tournament against Pakistan in 1952, which added more fuel to the already existent rivalry between the two nations. Every cricket match between India and Pakistan is watched by over a 100 million viewers from all over the world. Indians and Pakistanis’ in their own country amassed to a large number but there are many communities of both nations in countries like England, Australia, USA and Africa that tune in to watch the rivals battle it out. Live cricket streaming is also on the rise with many countries not having the correct channels on demand as well as the rise of mobile usage all over the world. Those who cannot tune in keep track with the help of cricket news websites that during matches are updated instantly. The large number of viewership have created many opportunities for betting to take place and the India vs Pakistan Odds have been never been more competitive.

Whilst betting in India is a tricky and illegal affair still being run by traditional bookies out of small nooks and corners with a hefty punishment it is still a well sought out affair. The attractiveness of the India vs Pakistan Odds will ensure that almost everyone will try and get on the action. Even those outside of the two nations that want a slice of the most competitive cricket teams in history can easily do so with the help of online betting websites.

Cricket Rivalry

India’s rival in more than just cricket is, Pakistan. Having many issues in its country, its cricket team once hailed as a rising star was snuffed out due to political instability and external threats. People tend to forget that Pakistan did win the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup as well the 2009 ICC World Twenty20. Before the turmoil in the country they did host the 1987 and 1996 Cricket World Cups. As of currently they are the team that has played the most number of Twenty20 games in the world, they are also the current number 1 Test match nation after beating England and climbing over rivals India to reach the top spot. Pakistan’s very inconsistent record has been a nightmare for bookies alike as they are unsure of what the outcome of Pakistan will be. With the sudden rise for power after their abysmal performance at the ICC World Twenty20 tournament earlier this year it’s no wonder the India vs Pakistan Odds are all over the place.

The sport of cricket was introduced to India in the 1700’s, during colonisation of the country. This was centuries before the great divide that split the nation and eventually created the country of Pakistan. The first ever Indian cricket club was formed in Bombay in 1848 by the Parsi Community. It took many years for the club to gain any recognition with their colonisers, eventually the club was invited to play a game in 1877. Their natural adaptation to the game complete with hard work and training earned the recognition for some players to play for the England Cricket team in the early 1900’s. By 1911 the Indian Cricket team were given the chance to tour the British Isles and played the English county teams.

In 1932, India made its debut as a test playing nation in England. Whilst the match was won by the English it was a good learning experience for the Indians who took much back from the loss. A year later the first Test series was played in India where England came back to its colony and played the locals. The result was another win for the English, but again the Indians learnt a lot from their loss. Twenty years later in the year 1952, India finally won its first Test match against their old masters, England. This was a well celebrated victory which led to the rise of the greatest teams in cricketing history. Winning a test match is one thing, but winning a series shows more than skill, it denotes perseverance, stamina, strategy and skill.

India won its first Test series against the newly formed nation of Pakistan. This victory was the beginning of one of the most intense sporting rivalries in the world. Fresh from the communal violence in 1947 that sparked the separation of the country resulting in the formation of Pakistan, this test series victory only added more fuel to the fire. Pakistan’s first win over India was a test victory played on Indian soil, in the city of Lucknow in 1948. The reaction to the loss by the Indian people was very brash and almost led to violence. The divide that the Indian nation underwent not only split the people, it split the cricket team as well. Players who once played on the same side ended up facing each other a few years later. This may have weakened either teams or strengthened it.

India’s key strength comes from its spin bowlers and defensive batsmen which made them a good test playing nation. Pakistan was the opposite with good pace bowlers and explosive offensive batting. On the pitch against each other they each played interesting dynamics to compliment and counter one another. Whilst test match was the standard in which a national team was judged the introduction of the One Day International or ODI in 1971 created a new dimension of cricket the world was yet to see. Limiting the game to 50 overs meant that things needed to be paced out, played calmly but yet the batting team must score as much as possible whilst the bowling team must do what they can to ensure wickets without giving the opponent space to score runs.

India’s reaction to the world cup was poor as they were not capable of playing such a slow paced game of cricket. In the first two world cup events India barely made it into the second round of matches due to low scores and the inability to capture early wickets. Pakistan took One Day International matches better than their rivals but until 1992 weren’t able to make a mark in the World Cup.

However in 1986 during the Austral – Asia cup the rivalry between two nations reached a peak when the match between India and Pakistan was an easy win for the Indians if it hadn’t been for Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad. With 31 runs to win in 3 overs all hope was lost as the Pakistan team accepted defeat. However Javed Miandad smashed consecutives fours and sixes to reach a score card of four runs in one ball. On the final ball, Indian pace bowler Chetan Sharma lost his edge and bowled a full toss for which Javed Miandad smashed for a six winning the cup for Pakistan. The comeback of the Pakistan team and the humiliating defeat at the last ball etched a great emotional mark on both sides, positive for the Pakistanis and negative for the Indians.

India has faced even more defeats at the hands of the Pakistanis such as Aaqib Javed whose bowling performance of 7 wickets for 37 runs leads Pakistan to an easy victory over India in Sharjah. He scored a hat trick that included the wicket of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar and continued on until Pakistan won the match comfortably by 72 runs. India did get its revenge against Pakistan in the 96 world cup when Ajay Jadeja scored 40 runs in the last two overs. Pakistan lost its edge and temperament after many wickets fell and the reigning world cup champions were taken down by the rivals. The met again in the 2000 World Cup and Pakistan didn’t stand a chance against the likes of Sachin Tendulkar who scored massive runs and Yuvraj Singh and Rahul Dravid who finished the match off in style

The rivalry between these two nations and teams has lead to many confrontations, arguments, high tempers and great games. It’s no wonder that one of the greatest sporting rivalries in the world attract a large number of spectators as well as bets.

Indian Cricket Team

India just finished touring the West Indies and has played some really entertaining and nail-biting games against the Caribbean Nation. India won the 4 match series 2-0 and many off the odds were in favour of India. But if you had bet against India winning and West Indies indeed did win, the payout would have been high. Since India were favourites to win the series the odds of betting on their victory would have been low. A better return on bets would have been to bet on the performance of cricketers on either of the teams.

Eventually the India vs West Indies series played in the Caribbean was washed out due to poor weather conditions. The inability for India to win the final match was what pushed them to number 2 position in the ICC Test rankings when Pakistan won their series against England. As mentioned before weather plays a big part in cricket betting. In the case of Test matches If a game is abandoned for any reason other than weather, all match bets are void. This is a very crucial part of betting as a little rain can change the outcome of any game leading to either greater chances or devastating results. Traditional bookies tend to not refund bets due to rain as it is “not in their control” and the entire match like the bet is conceded with no real winner.

Top Indian Players

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a fan favourite and undoubtedly one of the best cricketers of this era. Kohli made his debut to international cricket in 2006 and has never looked back. He is a fiery batsman and unorthodox strategist that has made him one of the greatest cricketers ever. He has numerous records under his belt including the fastest batsman to 5,000 ODI runs as well as fastest to 10 ODI centuries. He is also the fastest batsman in the world to 1,000 runs and holds the record for the most fifties in Twenty20 format. He was made captain of the Test squad in 2014 after M S Dhoni stepped down as captain. The decision to nominate someone so young was initially questioned but was dismissed after witnessing his performance with the team. Without a doubt many bets are placed on Virat Kohli as he tends to amass a large number of runs very fast and makes game winning decisions. In the series against West Indies he scored a massive 251 runs. Betting on Virat Kohli to make a massive mark on the scorecard is a very common bet which many do place to be on the safe side. But there are some instances that Kohli does not perform and that is when the tables do turn.

Mohammed Shami

Whilst batsmen are easy marks to bet on, the hardest would be betting on the performance of bowlers. Bowlers tend to have a tougher time achieving high targets as many factors are playing against them. Even the best of bowlers tend to have more off days than batsmen. For example Mohammed Shami of the Indian cricket team returned to Test cricket after a year and a half hiatus. He captured a fantastic 11 runs at 25.81 overs making him the highest earning fast bowler of the series. A bet on someone who has returned to the pitch after over an year would have been risky, but it would have payed off well enough. Jasprit Bumrah on the other hand is a bowler that made waves with his unorthodox technique and hard to read action that makes him a formidable foe on the pitch. He is a released to bowl during Twenty20s or One Day International’s where he captures an average of 2 wickets as per his performance this year. One would say he is an interesting person to bet on during cricket matches.

Wriddhiman Saha

Wicket Keeping is another table to bet on. Many bets can be made an example as such would be the possibility of 5 attempted stumpings before the fifteenth over. Wriddhiman Saha, India’s wicket keeper played a reasonable series with 9 catches and 2 stumpings. Wicket keeping isn’t all that he’s good at, he is the only cricketer in the world to score a century in an Indian Premiere League. Despite the records and the long history of playing he seems to keep getting dropped from the squad either due to performance or to injury so betting on a player such as Wriddhiman Saha is not the most advisable. The nature of wicket keepers is to keep the momentum going whilst intimidating whoever is on the batting crease. Many wicketkeepers have reached that level and Wriddhiman Saha has a long way before reaching that.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma has had his ups and downs since making his debut to International Cricket in 2007. He is by heart and hand a Twenty20 cricketer that has been able to make great strides in this match format. He was instrumental in taking India to the semifinals of the ICC Twenty20 world cup in 2007 and performing so well at the semis that he was named man of the match. Despite his good performance on the team both in Twenty20 and Test he was on the squad during a time of competitive players such as the aforementioned Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina. This lead him to lose his position to these other crickets and thus didn’t have much of a chance to perform. After 2011 he was given his chance due to his improved performance that lead him to win two Man of the Series awards and break the record of most number of sixes hit in an One Day International Match. He also holds the record for the most number of runs in an One Day International scoring 264 runs in a single match against Sri Lanka. His calm, calculated and matured approach to the game of cricket has earned him very stable odds on the table. A feat that isn’t easy for many.

Suresh Raina

Fielding too is another aspect that one could bet on, and when it comes to catching a ball there is noone better on the Indian cricket team that Suresh Raina. An aggressive player by nature Suresh Raina made his international debut at the age of 19 and continued on to be a crucial player that won the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. He is one of two Indian batsmen to score a century in every format of cricket despite being dropped from the test team for his aggressive nature. He was however placed in his kettle of fish when he had to captain the Twenty20 team leading him to many victories as well as the debut of future cricket champions Virat Kohli and R Ashwin. Suresh Raina is a player that one must keep a lookout. He’s back on the test squad after many years and he has potential to surprise a few people with this fiery skill with the bat.

R. Ashwin

Spin bowling has been something of India’s forte, despite having formidable competition from other cricketing nations India has been able to produce great spin bowlers such as Ravichandran Ashwin. A cricketer who came to fame via the Indian Cricket League he caught the attention of the world with his tricky off spinning deliveries. He is the go to spin bowler on the current national side easily picking up wickets in all formats of cricket. He has opened the bowling for the Indian Premier League team the Chennai Super Kings and the only cricketer other than Sri Lankan Ajantha Mendis to bowl the mysterious carrom ball. He is considered a bowling all rounder since not only does he bowl good off spin he is a stylish batsman too. In the recent tour of West Indies he scored two centuries which greatly aided the team in a hefty lead against the Caribbean nation and in the past was awarded Man of the Series at the Champions Trophy Twenty20 2010. R Ashwin played remarkably well during this series scoring 235 runs off 58.75. He also captured 17 wickets at 23.17 making him one in three people to ever score two hundreds and two five wicket hauls in the same series. Before Ashwin a noteworthy competitor was Ian Botham. He has a knack for taking many wickets such as capturing 29 wickets in a 4 day test series against Australia. Betting on Ashwin to actually score such a feat would have been a smart idea and a risk seeing that he did break a record and it was something that was unlikely, but possible to happen. With both batting and bowling traits a bet on R Ashwin would be wise when he plays on Indian soil.Betting on Ashwin to actually score such a feat would have been a smart idea and a risk seeing that he did break a record and it was something that was unlikely, but possible to happen.

Pakistan Cricket Team

Pakistan has produced some star class crickets that are betting worthy such as Shahid Afridi, Imran Khan, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Wasim Akram. Whilst others tend to perform at various levels some of Pakistan’s crickets are consistently good. The current team has a few promising few stars worth putting your money on. Pakistan climbed to the first spot on the ICC Test Cricket Ranking after their recent defeat of England on english soil. This victory turned heads the world over as the country whom no one wants to visit and play rises to the number one spot on the chart. This surprising win would have had an interesting effect on betting tables the world around as many betters would have never expected Pakistan to beat England on home ground.

Despite being a much newer team than India, Sri Lanka or Australia, they have a lot of experience behind their belt. Pakistan has a win rate of 52.86% after playing 858 One Day International games. They won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1992 and were runners up in 1999. They have an ICC Twenty20 Championship under their belt too, which they won in 2009. Pakistan players tend to be highly skilled but poorly disciplined, surrounding themselves with scandals and scores they are an entertaining team to watch and a great team to bet on.

Pakistan Top Performers


Misbah-ul-Haq is the current captain of the Pakistan Test cricket team and one time captain of the ODI cricket team. and is a wise choice to lead this energised team. Relation of former cricketing legend Imran Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq has made waves in the cricket world with his swift strokes as a right hand batsmen. His impression was made in 2007 when he took over acting captain due to Shoaib Malik’s injury and went on to score two centuries against India. In 2009 he was part of the team that won the ICC Cricket Twenty20 world cup and played a role in getting the team to the semifinals of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. At one time in 2013 he was the highest scoring run getting with 808 runs to his name, quite a feat!

Azhar Ali

Another promising character is the Azhar Ali, the current captain of the ODI cricket team and vice captain of the Test cricket team. A right hand batsman who has been consistently scoring an average of 40 runs per match has made him a core member of the team. A seasoned opened he has the temperament of taking on opening fast bowlers that tend to leave a devastating mark but not when it comes to Azhar Ali. The choice to make him captain of the ODI cricket team was heavily opposed but he was chosen as there wasn’t too much of a choice. He proved himself worthy of captaincy after scoring a century against Zimbabwe that lead to a series win. Azhar Ali also lead the team to their first victory in nine years against Sri Lanka scoring the most number of runs in the series. Not all is perfect though, he did captain the first series loss against Bangladesh which was a whitewash 3-0. Steady players like him are good to place a safe bet on as their past records show them to have stable scores and delivery when required.

Shoaib Malik

One time captain of the Pakistani Cricket team, Shoaib Malik is another person to consider when placing a bet. With many years of experience from his debut in 1999, he has been part of the cricket team through thick and thin. He is considered an all rounder, someone who can bat as well as bowl. During his captaincy he has won a few good matches under his belt. One was against rivals India where he scored over a half century and took 3 wickets. He was appointed as captain due to his strategic mind and the ability to take tough calls under tight conditions. He was te fourth youngest captain Pakistan has seen. His bowling style has been put under scrutiny many times as it falls closely as an illegal action. He is one of the very few cricketers to bat at many positions on the list. This was probably due to him being shuffled as a batsmen when his bowling wasn’t allowed and when his bowling was. He currently has taken a break from Test cricket to train himself for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Ahmed Shehzad is made his debut for the Pakistan team against Australia in 2009 at only 15 years old. This young cricketer who aims to have an aggressive batting style like Ricky Ponting was picked up by selectors at an early age after witnessing his performance at a few domestic games. Despite not performing as well in the Twenty20 world cup of 2009 he still was part of the team that won the final trophy. From 2010 to 2013 his performance allowed him to get dropped off the squad numerous times but he return in 2014 and played remarkably well against New Zealand and Australia. Despite his performance he and another teammate were dropped from the squad citing attitude and temperament issues. Exchange blows and curses is not how a cricketer should handle oneself. He still plays in domestic games and is without a doubt a talented player. There are rumours of him coming back to the national team but that is yet uncertain.

Younis Kha

The Pakistan cricket team still has place for a few seasoned crickets such as the famous Younis Khan. One of, if not the oldest cricketer on the Pakistani team Younis Khan brings almost 16 years of international cricket experience to the table. Making is debut in 2000 he has steadily grown to be one of the best middle order batsmen of Pakistan. A backup or insurance or sorts if the top order falls his experience, skill and style has been able to hold their ground on many occasions. He is considered to be on the great batsmen of our times with many runs and records under his name. He is the highest test run scorer for Pakistan as well as the only Pakistan who has scored over 9,000 test runs. He has scored over 300 runs in an innings as well as a famous double century during a match against India. He is celebrated as the captain that lead the Pakistan team to win the ICC Twenty20 world cup in 2009 and lead Pakistan to many more wins after that. He resigned from captaincy in the year 2009 and nominated Mohammed Yousuf in his stead. His career followed a downward path for a little while until it made a full recovery in 2015. He became the first batsmen to score five centuries in the fourth innings of a test match as well as completing 50 centuries and having achieved 15000 runs in test cricket. Recently he scored a double century against England leading to a win as well as pushing Pakistan to the number one spot on the ICC Cricket Rankings.

Some say that this cricketer should be on the basketball court, standing at just above seven feet tall, Mohammed Irfan if left arm fast bowler that you rains down powerful deliveries from across the pitch. He had always been keen to play cricket but not given the opportunity he was focused on his day job at a plastic pipe factory. He played a few matches for Khan Research Laboratory which gave him the exposure he needed to get into the national team. His chance when two of the opening bowlers were ruled out of play which gave Mohammed Irfan the chance to shine. He did however not keep the management please with a few bad games and slow balls. He did however win the Man of the Match award in 2013 against South Africa.

Mohammed Amir

The Pakistan team has had its fair share of controversy in its existence. There have been many instances of cricketers been banned from playing due to reasons ranging from match fixing to misconduct to politics. A Pakistani cricketer who was right in the middle of a match fixing controversy was Mohammed Amir. A left arm fast bowler who made his debut at only seventeen years old he had a very promising career set out for him. Picked up and encouraged by the great Wasim Akram, young Amir was on his way to being a fine addition to the national team. In the year 2010, Mohammed Amir and two others were accused of spot fixing and were banned from the team. The charges were based on video evidence of Mazhar Majeed, an agent of the Pakistani players in question accepting a bribe to bowl no balls at specific balls in an over. True to his word the no balls were bowled as per the requested balls and subsequently afterwards investigations were launched. The agent was arrested on grounds of suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers whilst the players Mohammed Amir, Salman Butt and Mohammed Asif were suspended from the team under the ICC rules for anti corruption.

It was unfortunate for Mohammed Amir to fall from grace so quickly. He was an upcoming bowler who made a lasting impression in Twenty20 cricket when he captured three wickets and two run outs in a single over. He was awarded the Man of the Match award for taking 7 wickets are aiding Pakistan to finally defeating Australia in test cricket after 15 years. He completed the series by taking 11 wickets, the highest wicket taker in that series. He went on to win another Man of the Match trophy for taking 5 wickets against England in a single match and was the youngest player to take 50 test wickets. He finished the series with 19 wickets the highest ever by a Pakistan and received praise from all over the cricketing world. His batting was also quite commendable, despite being the tenth man down he has achieved a record for reaching 73 runs against New Zealand the highest ever by a tenth order batsman. He continued to bat well even against Sri Lanka where he scored 63 runs. Mohammed Amir had a very promising career in front of him, he was banned from cricket for 5 years, a term which some thought was too lenient but others say due to his age he would have been influenced by other senior players to partake in the spot fixing. On Feburary 2016 he returned to international cricket after 5 years in a Twenty20 match against New Zealand. He has been reinstated to the Pakistan Super League and plays for the Karachi Kings in which he took a hat trick in a recent game.

When it comes to online betting on the sport of cricket there is nothing more interesting, captivating and exciting that India vs Pakistan Odds. Two nations of power packed players that have created the world’s largest cricketing audience, world’s most watched cricket matches, large bets, nail biting games, world records and legendary games. But before it came to this the cricket rivalry between these two nations go far back.

Betting works on the system of Odds

It has been stated that the expression of Odds have been used ages before the theory of probability was discussed. In gambling terms Odds are a numerical expression of the possibility of an outcome determined by the initial bet made by the gambler. Example the odds of India winning the next match against Pakistan is 8:1, a gambler that bets $100 on Pakistan winning the match the odds are against his favour. If Pakistan does win he will receive eight times his initial bet. If Pakistan loses, he loses everything. This system ensure that India vs. Pakistan odds are determined by many factors such as past performance of teams, pitch conditions, players, weather and many more.


With the cricket info provided above you should be able to make a decision on whom to bet on during the most heated match in cricket, India vs Pakistan. The age old cricket rivalry that was born from the colonization by the British and then the partition that created the nation of Pakistan is now able to shine a light during troubled and difficult times. It continues on today where great cricketers are produced by both countries and the challenges that they face and overcome in the cricketing world. The many cricket games played between the two are full of fiery arguments, record achievements, international scandals and brotherhood all around makes it worth the title of most watched teams in the cricketing world.