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Cricket World Cup 2019

Learn about Cricket World Cup 2019 by reading this article.

It may be a few years away but even at this early stage it pays to get all the information you will need to bet on Cricket World Cup 2019. With a brand new format, some of the traditional big boys may well be missing out on the biggest trophy in one day cricket. This is the best guide to who you should be looking out for – and who you should bet on.

We’ll be looking at the history of this prestigious competition and looking at the most recent instalments of the tournament to see if that will give us any indication as to will be victorious in just three years’ time. This is the definitive preview to cricket’s one day spectacular.

Cricket World Cup Odds

After Australia won their fifth Cricket World Cup last year in Melbourne cricket fans immediately started looking forward to the next edition of the tournament which will take place in three years’ time in England and Wales. Even with everything that could happen between now and then – including the conclusion of the qualifying process – there is still plenty that we can take a look at in relation to Cricket World Cup odds.
By looking back at history we can see if there are any patterns that punters can pick up on to get a little help with their Cricket World Cup 2019 bets. Some of the players that will end up being the stars of the tournament may not even be playing regularly for their countries yet but we can have a look at some of the likely participants who could be the stars of the show.

A lot can happen in three years but some things will always be the same. Australia will be very hard to beat, South Africa will believe that this will finally be the year, and there will be some massive upsets before the whole thing is decided at Lords on July 15th 2019.

What is Cricket World Cup 2019?

The ICC Cricket World Cup is an international cricket tournament that takes place every four years in which the best nations in the world come together to determine the one day cricketing powerhouse of the time. The competition has been running since 1983 with full test playing nations competing alongside some of the newer cricket playing countries in a bid to lift the prestigious trophy.

What is One Day Cricket?

For any complete cricket novices out there we will now quickly go through what one day cricket is and why it is well suited to a competition such as this. One day cricket is played by exactly the same amount of players as other variations such as test match and Twenty20 but over just 50 overs a side.

The team who scores the most runs in this limited overs version of the game is the winner. Cricketing nations regularly play this 50 over game as part of tours and series and are ranked accordingly. We will go into this ranking in greater detail in a little while as it will determine who actually gets to play in Cricket World Cup 2019.

Although Twenty20 cricket has seen an upsurge in popularity there is still a lot of support for the 50 over game and the Cricket World Cup is greatly looked forward to by all cricket fans as it gives everyone a chance to see the best players in the world come up against each other every four years.

The Cricket World Cup odds may be a little difficult to predict but we can take a look at what the bookies are thinking right now and see if there is any possibility of some real value with three years to go before the first match.

Where Will Cricket World Cup 2019 Take Place?

England and Wales will host the tournament, due to start on May 30th and go through to July 15th 2019. The two countries have known they will host the competition since 2006 when they dropped out of the bidding for the 2015 World Cup that took place in Australia and New Zealand.

Although Wales are named as co-hosts it is only Sophia Gardens in Cardiff – home of Glamorgan – that will stage any matches in the tournament. All games will take place at county grounds around the two countries and Glamorgan are the only Welsh side in the County Championship.

The final will probably be played at Lord’s with the Oval also staging some of the other big matches, including the opening fixture.

The other cricket grounds selected to stage matches are:

  • Edgbaston in Birmingham
  • The County Cricket Ground in Bristol
  • Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street
  • Headingley in Leeds
  • Old Trafford in Manchester
  • Trent Bridge in Nottingham
  • The Rose Bowl in Southampton
  • The County Ground in Taunton

The capacity of these grounds range from just 8,500 in Taunton to Lords which holds 28,000. But with so many group games to be played before the knockout stage of the competition there is sure to be a lot of interest wherever the games are played.

The Format of Cricket World Cup 2019

Unlike the World Cups of 2011 and 2015 there will not be 14 nations competing. In a change of format there will be just 10 sides. England qualify as hosts (in cricketing terms England and Wales play as one nation commonly referred to as just ‘England’). The top seven teams other than England in the ICC rankings as on September 30th 2017 will also qualify automatically.

The ICC rankings are made up of the ten full members as well as two associate members.
The final two remaining places will be decided at the 2018 Cricket World Cup qualifier in Bangladesh. This new format has cause a little bit of controversy as the less successful nations of world cricket, who are generally ICC Associate and Affiliate members, may not see any of their group represented in the final tournament. Previously they were guaranteed four places through a preliminary qualifying competition. Now there may be the maximum of two but this could be reduced to none of they are beaten by the full members that will be taking part in Bangladesh.

At the other end of the scale, this format does mean that two test playing nations will have to qualify and possibly miss out on Cricket World Cup 2019. This would be the first time ever that test playing nations would miss the final stages of the competition. This could have a huge impact of the Cricket World Cup odds. There will be teams that could be heavily fancied at the moment due to historical reasons that might not even make the final cut.

Another difference in the format of the tournament is that the final group of nations will all play each other once in one huge group once the competition gets under way. Previously the slightly larger number of nations competing has meant that they have usually been split into two or more groups. In Cricket World Cup 2019 each nation will play nine group games before the top four sides go through to the semifinals and then the final.

So Who Will Actually Qualify?

England will definitely be there as they qualify as hosts but the remaining nine spots at the tournament are theoretically up for grabs. Unlike previous competitions seven other nations will be chosen by their ICC one day international ranking as of September 2017.

These rankings make up a league table where each nation gets points after every one day international that they play. As this league table is notional as there is no kind of round robin fixture procedure so the points are weighted in accordance to the importance of the victory.
Nations that want to move up the rankings will have to beat higher ranked countries. There is also different amounts of points awarded depending on how many matches in a one day international series are won. Points are also taken away for defeats. This means that there is still a lot to play for over the next year.

At the time of writing the following countries would qualify for the World Cup if the process ended today:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • West Indies

Those seven countries – and England – would automatically qualify for the tournament. The remaining countries in the ranking would have to go to the qualifying tournament in Bangladesh in 2018 to compete against smaller cricketing nations to get through. At the time of writing they are:

  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Zimbabwe
  • Ireland

Will Pakistan Miss Out?

If you have any knowledge of cricket or of the history of the game you will know that a country the stature of Pakistan having to qualify for a Cricket World Cup is a massive deal.

Although Zimbabwe are a test playing nation who have played in every Cricket World Cup since 1983 their performance has been fairly average for a while now due to a variety of reasons. Ireland has had a lot of relative success at the three tournaments they have qualified for and have attained their status in the rankings thanks to their previous results. Afghanistan are relative newcomers to this level and appeared at their very first World Cup in 2015 but is a nation on the rise in cricketing terms.

So even if Pakistan are unable to gain enough points to escape the indignity of having to qualify for a World Cup there is no guarantee that they will be good enough to beat the countries that they would face in Bangladesh.
As we have mentioned before, there is still a year to go before the ICC rankings decide the automatic qualifiers but Pakistan will need to start winning some one day internationals soon if they are to get through without having to take part in this extra tournament. The fact that Pakistan is actually the top ranked test cricket nation in the world shows how the formats of the game differ from each other.

Pakistan are in the middle of a series with England at the moment and also have series at home against the West Indies and one in Australia before the ICC rankings will decide who will be going to the World Cup in England and Wales. The series against the West Indies looks crucial to Pakistan’s chances of qualifying. If the Cricket World Cup odds are anything to go by the bookies give them a good chance of qualifying for the tournament – however the method – so they could surprise everyone and come good just in time for the start of Cricket World Cup 2019.

The History of the ICC Cricket World Cup

Before we take a look at some of the countries that could become Cricket World Cup winners in 2019, let’s take a brief look at the history of the competition to see if there is anything that will help punters choosing a winner with their bets.

The first one day international may have only been four years earlier but the first Cricket World Cup took place in England in 1975. In fact, the next two tournaments were also staged in England before the ICC decided to use an unofficial rotation policy as to who would host the competition.

Hosting the tournament didn’t seem to do England any favours though as the late 1970s and early 1980s was a time when the West Indies played some of the most exciting cricket the world has ever seen. The blistering pace bowlers were a fearsome sight for any opposing batsman and the West Indies were also blessed with a strong batting line up. The first two tournaments were both won by the West Indies and they were only denied a hat trick of successes when India surprised everyone to win the 1983 Cricket World Cup final.

From 1987 the tournament has moved all around the cricket playing world without any success for England – or for that matter the West Indies, who have never been quite as good as their late 1970s-early 1980s heyday.

The most successful country has undoubtedly been Australia. They have won the tournament on no fewer than five occasions and have been successful in four out of the last five instalments. They are currently top of the ICC one day international rankings as well so it is no surprise that they are the current favourites to win in 2019. Pakistan actually won the competition in 1992 and the other finals have been won by India (twice) and a surprise Sri Lankan victory in 1996.

Strangely only Australia and India in the two most recent tournaments have won the trophy in their country as hosts – although Sri Lanka were co-hosts when they were successful, winning the final in Lahore. This suggests that the Cricket World Cup odds will not look at England as favourites purely on their status as hosts. One crumb of comfort for punters looking to back England is that the trend is for the hosts to win the Cricket World Cup.

England have also been runners up on the most occasions having lost in the final three times so maybe it is more wise to go for an each way bet when it comes to the hosts! Saying that, they haven’t got that far since the early 1990s.

The 2015 Cricket World Cup

Maybe we should take a look back at the previous tournament as some indication of who to go for when it comes to betting on the 2019 version.

The 2015 Cricket World Cup was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand and it ultimately turned out that those two would contest the final.

Fourteen countries qualified for the tournament where they were split into two groups with the top four going through to the knockout quarterfinals. A surprise casualty of the group stage was England who finished fifth in group A behind New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Group B finished in a more predictable fashion although Ireland’s early victory over the West Indies upset the bookmakers!

The quarter finals went more to the book with New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and India being successful. Australia swept past India in their semi final and when New Zealand recorded a victory against South Africa in front of their fans in Auckland, it set up a final between the two co-hosts in front of over 93,000 spectators at the MCG in Melbourne.

Australia powered through the New Zealand side in the final getting them all out for 183. Only one player got over 40 and the writing was on the wall for the Kiwis. Australia met their target with just under 17 overs to spare, losing only three wickets and picked up the trophy in front of their jubilant fans.

Australia undoubtedly used the home crowd to their advantage but whether this is a good indication for backing England in 2019 is not straightforward. The Cricket World Cup odds as presented by the bookies at the minute don’t see a connection between hosting and winning and maybe Australia would have won the tournament no matter where it was staged.

Who is Going to Be Successful in 2019?

Predicting the future of sport is tough at the best of times as any seasoned punter will tell you. But to gaze into a cricketing world three years from now is nigh on impossible. So much will change over the next few years – and there will be an influx of new players to get used to – that being able to confidently predict who will win the 2019 Cricket World Cup would be foolish.

But there are definitely enough pointers to what could be possible. There are things that we can assume will happen – like Australia qualifying for the tournament. And there then are things that probably won’t happen – Canada qualifying for the tournament for example.
It is the ‘probables’ that can help punters make some early decisions on who to put their money on when it comes to Cricket World Cup 2019.

As we have already mentioned, Pakistan are skating on very thin ice with their qualification hopes and will have to pick up some vital victories over the next twelve months to have a chance of joining the party. But who is to say that if they do manage to qualify – either as one of the top eight in the ICC rankings or from the qualification tournament in Bangladesh – that they won’t take that as a morale boost to push them onto greater things in the final tournament?

Likely Qualifiers

Looking at the ICC rankings now – and taking into account the history of the nations involved we can probably be confident that the following countries will qualify:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • India

And we can obviously add England to that list as hosts. That leaves five more spots to fill from both the ICC rankings and the 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier in Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the West Indies are in the best position right now and if all of these countries can keep the positions they currently hold then they will automatically qualify. The idea of Bangladesh not needing to participate in the qualifying tournament held in their own country is faintly amusing (unless you are a Pakistan fan). Bangladesh have participated in the last five tournaments – reaching the quarter final stage last time out – so it would not be a novelty for them to make it in 2019 as well.

The difference here though is that the 2019 edition of the tournament plays against the chances of the smaller nations qualifying. Even if they do need the extra qualifying tournament to make the final competition it must be pretty likely that Pakistan will still be in contention for the trophy.

The Luck of the Irish?

Ireland can consider themselves particularly unlucky due to the qualification format change. They have regularly been one of the better smaller cricket nations and achieved inclusion on the ICC one day international rankings thanks to their performances in previous tournaments.

They have now played in the past three Cricket World Cups and won three games out of six in 2015 where they were victorious over the United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe and, most famously, the West Indies. This was a remarkable achievement but they will find it tough to be one of the top two in Bangladesh – especially if Pakistan is involved.

Afghanistan as an Outside Bet?


The Cricket World Cup odds currently have Afghanistan at around 500/1 to win the tournament in 2019 and although that would be an extremely outrageous bet to make there is some value in predicting that they will at least qualify for the competition.

They currently lie tenth in the ICC one day international rankings and would have to contend with the extra qualification tournament in Bangladesh but they could spring a few surprises to claim one of the two final spots.

Cricket has been played in Afghanistan since the 19th century but due in no small way to a troubled history they have only had a national side since 2001. But the speed in which the Afghanistan team have progressed in world cricket in just 15 years is staggering.

They finally qualified for a World Cup in 2015 and although they only won one match – against fellow minnows Scotland – they have come on leaps and bounds.

But the reason to be confident about their qualification chances can be drawn from their head to head record against some of the other nations that will likely be competing in the Cricket World Cup qualifier in 2018.

Against the other test nations their record is fairly predictable. They have only ever beaten Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. But it is Zimbabwe who they can be best compared to as the countries have met on fourteen different occasions with Afghanistan winning eight times compared to Zimbabwe’s six.

And when it comes to the other smaller nations that they could face in the qualifying tournament their records look even better. It is only Ireland and the United Arab Emirates who have better records against them and Afghanistan would feel confident of taking either of those two on in the heat of Bangladesh. If we are to assume that Pakistan could well have to qualify from this competition then Afghanistan could be a good bet for second place.

Familiar-ish Faces

Other fairly regular tournament participants who may miss out due to the format changes include Canada, the Netherlands and Scotland. All three of these nations have competed in three or more Cricket World Cups – although Scotland is the only ones who made it to the last tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

Canada actually qualified for the Cricket World Cup back in 1979 but has only ever won two matches in their four tournaments – against Bangladesh in 2003 and Kenya in 2011. They have not really progressed as a cricket nation in comparison to some of their rivals though and it would be a surprise if they made it to the World Cup in 2019.

The Netherlands have also only ever won two games in Cricket World Cup tournament history – beating Namibia in 2003 and Scotland in 2007. But they lost all six of their games at the 2011 tournament and didn’t qualify at all for the last World Cup. They are another nation that would seem to find it far too hard to get through given the changes in qualification format.

Although Scotland have never won a game at a World Cup they do currently look good to qualify for the Bangladesh tournament as they have lost only once in the World Cricket League Championship. They currently sit behind the Netherlands in the table and will be confident of making the next stage.

All three of these semi regular Cricket World Cup participants will do very well to make it to the final tournament however. With stronger countries such as Ireland, Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan waiting in the qualifier the Cricket World Cup odds do not look good for them.

Who Should Your Money Be On?

Even with the tournament over three years away the favourites are undoubtedly Australia. Cricket World Cup odds for the Aussies to win the trophy are about 3/1 at the moment. That’s not bad considering that no country has actually even qualified for the tournament yet!

But if you were looking to back a favourite then Australia are always in with a shout. Although Australia are not doing too well in the Twenty20 rankings and are not top of the tree when it comes to test matches, they do reign supreme when it comes to one day internationals.

You can also look to their unrivalled history in the competition throughout the years. They have won far more World Cups than any other country – nearly half of all the tournaments there have ever been! Only the West Indies and India have won more than one World Cup and Australia have won five – including the most recent last year.

Weirdly there is only one Australian in the top ten one day international player rankings for bowling – and none at all in the top ten batsmen. But it is the Australian team spirit that wins them trophies and makes them consistently one of the favourites to lift the World Cup trophy every time the tournament comes around every four years.

We will take a look at the individual players to look out for a little bit later but if you want to know which team to back for the Cricket World Cup 2019 you don’t have to look too far past Australia.

Who Else is in the Running?


Although England’s one day international form is never really that consistent they must be regarded as one of the favourites for the tournament in 2019 – especially since they can rely on a home crowd to spur them on. They may only be fifth in the ICC rankings at the time of writing but they have recently posted a new world record runs total for a one day international and the way the shorter games are going, an ability to post high scores will put them in good stead.

It has been quite a while since England have even had the chance to choke in a final but maybe they could go all the way in 2019 and use the home crowds to their advantage. Historically England have made it to the final of a World Cup on three separate occasions and lost each and every time. The all conquering West Indies beat them in 1979, Australia defeated them in 1987 and then Pakistan won the trophy in 1992 when the great Imran Khan captained his side to victory in his last ever one day international.

England do have some promising youngsters coming through that could be at the top of the game by the time the tournament comes round in 2019. And in Joe Root they have an outstanding player and captain that could well lead them to glory. England are hovering around the 5/1 mark at the moment behind a couple of other countries but expect those odds to shorten as the tournament draws closer as the patriotic side of the English punter enters the fray and the excitement builds.

Indian Chances?

If fanatical support was anything to go by then India would be red hot favourites. Cricket is the national game in India and everything stops for the sport. The massive amount of money being put into the Twenty20 game in India has done nothing to dampen their enthusiasm for the slightly longer version of the game and they must be in contention of winning their first World Cup since 2011.

Where their victory in 1983 against the West Indies was a surprise, capturing the trophy on home soil five years ago was the culmination of a dedicated attempt to take over world cricket. The money in the Indian game may have a big say in the sport but their cricket team hasn’t quite become the all conquering powerhouse that the country craves.

India are currently third in the ICC one day international rankings and can realistically expect that a good number of their current side will still be playing when the tournament comes round in three years’ time. In a round robin group stage where all teams will play each other, India would be confident of beating a number of the other top nations and then it all depends on who they get in the semi final stage.

A Bet on New Zealand?


Sometimes unfairly thought of as Australia’s ‘little brother’, New Zealand could be seen as the nearly men of the Cricket World Cup. Having competed in all eleven editions of the tournament they have reached the semi final no fewer than seven times with 2015 being the only time they ended up being victorious. And even then they lost the final to perennial rivals Australia.

After co-hosting that competition with their Tasman Sea neighbours they were probably unlucky to play them in a final in front of their own fans. But can the Kiwis go one better in 2019?

It will be a tough ask. They are currently second in the ICC One Day International rankings behind – you guessed it –Australia, so they must have an outside shot of finally lifting the trophy.

The bookies are not quite as sure though and see England, South Africa, India and the Aussies as more likely champions. That could have more to do with the bookies feeling that New Zealand is not a powerhouse in world cricket as much as some of those other much larger countries though.

New Zealand will not end up being the favourites for the tournament when it comes around in three years but if you are looking for a side with a bit of value to the Cricket World Cup odds then the Kiwis could be the ones to go for.

South Africa Look Strong

The South Africans were only re-admitted into world sport in 1992 after the fall of Apartheid and although they are consistently strong in the Cricket World Cup they have never made the final in their previous seven appearances.

The bookies feel like they may have a chance in 2019 installing them as second favourites but it is all very close at this point and there are a number of sides that are very similar in strength and depth. This makes the prospect of an enthralling World Cup even more likely and we are sure to see some great one day cricket when the tournament comes around.

South Africa have made it to the semi final stage on four occasions and lost to New Zealand in Auckland last time out. With their history of consistency they may find the one group format in 2019 more to their liking. If they can beat a few of the other top sides in the round robin stage then a good draw for the semi finals may help them get to their first ever final.

Sri Lankan Win?

Historically seen as the smaller cricketing nation compared to their near neighbours India and Pakistan, Sri Lanka have appeared in all of the previous World Cups and won their one and only trophy in 1996. Although they undoubtedly had a fine side there are a few notable pieces of information in relation to that victory.

Played to a backdrop of security concerns over terrorist activity in Sri Lanka at the time, they were awarded the points to their first two games without entering the field after Australia and the West Indies refused to travel to the country. This meant that Sri Lanka had already qualified for the quarter finals without facing a ball. They went on to top their group and beat England in the first knock out game.

More controversy followed for their semi final match in Calcutta against India. After India had lost their eighth wicket for only 120 runs, chasing a target of 252, the crowd of over 100,000 started throwing things onto the pitch. In the end the match was called off and the Sri Lankans were awarded the victory to put them through to the final where they would face Australia.

Sri Lanka went on to beat the Aussies in the final in Lahore to cause another of the upsets in the history of the Cricket World Cup. Getting to final would be a massive achievement in 2019 but they could make life difficult for some of the other nations along the way. They are currently ranked sixth in the One Day International rankings so should just squeeze into the tournament without having to travel to Bangladesh for the extra qualification competition.

Can the West Indies Rise Again?


Many cricket fans of a certain vintage will have fond memories of the West Indies team from the late 1970s through to late 1980s. With iconic players such as Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner through to Courtney Walsh and Curtly Ambrose they were many people’s second team – if not their first.

They dominated the early instalments of the Cricket World Cup winning in both 1975 and 1979 before being surprisingly beaten by Kapil Dev’s India in 1983. Since then only the semi final appearance in 1996 has been the furthest they have progressed however. Even when they hosted the tournament in 2007 they were unable to make it out of the Super 8 group.

The much loved world class players of the late 1970s and 1980s are not coming through as before and although in Chris Gayle they currently have one of the strongest players in the shorter versions of the game it is questionable whether he will still be in the squad when the 2019 tournament comes around.

The West Indies currently lie eighth in the ICC rankings which would see them just about through without the need for the Bangladesh qualifier but actually winning the World Cup would seem to be a stretch too far on current form. But, you never know, a new generation of superstars might appear in the next few years and once again dominate the game. The bookies aren’t convinced though!

How to Keep Up with One Day Cricket

One of the advantages of cricket is that there is always a top class match going on somewhere in the world. If the weather is not conducive in one part of the world it will be perfect on the other side of the globe. This means that cricketers get to play all year round.

A lot has changed since the Cricket World Cup started with the way the sides view the different versions of the game as well. Back then the same squads were used for tests and limited over matches but these days there is far more specialism when it comes to selection.

As there are specialist test match cricketers and those more suited to Twenty20, there is also a section of players that are more suited to the 50 overs game. Balancing a fine line between the big hitters of the explosive Twenty20 game and the more safety conscious test match, one day international players have to combine the two skill sets for their game.

At this level of one day cricket fans and punters can easily keep up to date with the latest scores – and any changes in the rankings – as most games are broadcast on TV. And even if you don’t have the necessary television packages to watch the games there are a plethora of websites dedicated to cricket – and the one day match as well.

By knowing all the latest developments in the ICC rankings and the latest results of one day internationals, punters can make a more informed choice of bet when the World Cup comes around in 2019. There is bound to be some major developments between now and then so make sure you don’t miss out on anything before you get round to making your bet.

Watching and Listening to Cricket

Some of the top one day cricket matches may be hard to watch if you don’t have the right TV package but many of the mobile online sports betting sites have some kind of commentary even if it is not full live cricket streaming.

As with other global sports there is always a cricket match going on somewhere so if you log into your customer account you will be able to see how to follow the action at your site. If you keep up to date with all the cricket scores through the wide range of options on the internet then you should have all the cricket info you will need to make your bets nearer the time.

What You Need to Do to Bet on Cricket

We will take a look at the kinds of bets you can make – and who to back – in a little while but first of all we should cover a few basics about betting on sports online.

For complete online betting novices the first thing you need to know is that you will need to sign up for an online betting account with a bookie. It is not like the traditional method of just being able to walk into a high street bookie and put on bet. In an online world you need to register for an account before you can make any bets. But there are many advantages to this as you will see.

There are lots and lots of online betting sites that you can choose from so it pays to take your time finding out which one seems to be the best one for you. Many of them will be recognisable as all the traditional high street bookmakers now have an online presence due to the immense popularity of this method of betting.

There are also many online bookies that only exist on the internet and these have their own advantages as well so make sure you do your homework before you choose where to register. You can, of course, sign up for as many accounts as you like so don’t worry too much about making a final decision.

Signing Up for an Online Customer Account

As there are so many to choose from we are going to go through the process of signing up for a Ladbrokes account. This has been picked at random and it is only to show you how to sign up. Most of the registration processes are very similar so if you take a look at this you will have a good idea of how it works no matter what bookie you eventually choose.



  • On the Ladbrokes homepage click on the ‘Join Now’ prompt in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will open up a new window
  • First you need to enter some personal information such as you name, address, date of birth and phone number as well as email and also opt in or out of receiving updates about news relating to your account and upcoming promotions
  • Then you will need to enter a username and password for security purposes
  • These details need to be entered every time you log into your account and can also be used as security if you need to change your details in the future. This is the same for the security question that you need to provide an answer for
  • You then can choose what currency you want to bet in and set any deposit limits if you want to
  • The last thing you need to do before confirming everything is to enter a promo code if you have one. It is a good idea to find out what welcome offer code is being used at the time you register for an account as you usually get some kind of bonus such as free bets or even deposit matches
  • Once you have done that you just need to click on ‘Create Account’ and you can start depositing money into your new customer account and go betting

If you have entered a promo code when you have signed up you could use your extra free bets to make extra selections on the Cricket World Cup so it really does pay to discover the codes!

Which Markets Can You Bet on When it Comes to Cricket?

As with most sports, cricket has plenty of different markets to choose from when you are ready to make your selections. And these can change depending on whether you are betting on ante post markets or exploring the in play markets.

For the Cricket World Cup in 2019 one of the most popular markets – especially at this stage – will be the outright winner. We’ve attempted to give you some kind of historical context and insight to some of the countries that will probably be competing but there are other factors you need to take into account.

Unlike some other sports, the weather plays a key role in the outcome of a cricket match. Some types of weather will favour certain sides and as the tournament is being held in England and Wales the fact that it will take place during the summer months is no guarantee that the sun will be shining!

If you are betting on in play markets it is especially important to see what the weather is likely to be like as it could play a huge role in the outcome. Games may not go as per the formbook due to changes in the weather outlook.

Cricket Betting

There are so many variables when it comes to Cricket that it is no surprise that there are lots of markets to choose from. And you can even go for rapidly changing in play markets for that extra dose of adrenaline. You can bet on things like how many runs a particular batsman will make or make it even more time specific by attempting to predict how many runs he will score in a certain amount of time – or even just the next over.

As well as betting on amount of runs or when the next wicket will fall, cricket’s rules gives you even greater scope for subjects to bet on. As a batsman can be declared out in a number of ways you can bet on which you will think it will be – bowled, caught, stumped, run out – the choice is yours.

Lots of these time specific, in play bets cannot be predicted – especially so far ahead of the actual tournament. But you may be able to take a guess at the highest run scorer, or who which bowler will take the most wickets in the tournament. Even with these markets it may be advisable to wait a while to see which countries are actually qualifies – and who is likely to be in their squad.

As with all sports the most important thing to do is to do your research. If you are already a cricket fan then you may have some idea of how the tournament will go but you will still need to keep on top of things to make sure your selections have the most chance of winning.

And if you are a newcomer to the sport then that advice is even more important. A big tournament like a Cricket World Cup will always attract more people to the sport and discovering the game for the first time. If you also like to have a bet on sport you might be attracted to the World Cup as it will give the sport a higher profile throughout its duration.

The limited overs versions of the game do appeal to fans who may not like the look of the longer, more traditional five day test and that is why the Cricket World Cup is a great way for the sport to reach out to new audiences and gain some new fans.

Catching Up with All the Action at Cricket World Cup 2019


You might feel you have timed your bet perfectly if you have been studying the Cricket World Cup odds but more opportunities are open to you if you always make sure you have access to keeping up with the matches and have the technology to make a bet.

That is where the beauty of betting on the go comes into play. Sports betting has never been more popular and that is largely down to the ways you can bet these days. The introduction of betting on your mobile phone or tablet device has seen a massive upsurge in the amount of people registering for online accounts and betting online.

Any online betting company worth your time has a mobile option and you can find all the same markets and prices there that you would by logging in at home. It depends on what type of device you have to how you access your account on your phone but the outcome is always the same.

The main two types are downloading an app for iOS Apple devices or downloading for an Android device. The download processes are slightly different. With Apple devices you just need to go to the Apple Store and download directly. Android users will have to get a special link from the relevant bookie site to download the app onto their phone as Google does not allow betting apps in their store.

You could, of course, just search for your online betting site in the browser of your phone but downloading the app is usually preferable as they tend to be optimised for a smaller phone screen whereas the main home computer site may not alter to fit.

However you access your account on the move, mobile betting gives you more freedom to make your bet wherever you are, whenever you like. And that means that you can follow how the Cricket World Cup is going and make your selections when it is convenient to you.

Managing Your Money with an Online Betting Account

As you will have seen signing up and registering for a customer account with an online sports betting company is fairly simple. And by making good use of the welcome bonus you can use the free bets to make more selections when it comes round to betting on the Cricket World Cup!

And looking after the money in your account is easy as well but there are a few things you should know about how the banking side works so you are not surprised later along the line. We’re going to take a look at the payment methods you can use in a typical customer account and how to move your money around when you need to.

Some online betting sites may have slightly different methods and terms and conditions but the following information is fairly standard across the majority of places that you will use to bet online. We are going to take Ladbrokes as an example again but it is the same in most places.

When you sign up you will need to deposit money into your account to get the ball rolling and this will probably done without you having to use the banking process. But at all future times you will need to know how to get money into your account – and more importantly what kind of limits or timeframes you will have to work with.

At Ladbrokes they have a range of methods you can use to put money in and take money out of your customer account.

You can choose from:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard debit or credit card
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Paysafe Card
  • Bank transfer

You can also deposit money in any high street Ladbrokes as well but we are concentrating on the online process here.

All the payment methods listed above have an instant deposit scheme so the money will go straight into your account and be able to be used as soon as you make the deposit. The only one where you will need to wait any amount of time is if you decide to deposit funds by bank transfer and then you will have to wait for anything from one to five days.

There are also minimum deposit levels with all these methods. With Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards and Paysafe cards you only need to put in £5. All the other methods require a minimum deposit of £10.

Withdrawals work slightly differently but Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards still have a minimum of £5 as opposed to £10 for all the rest. Due to the nature of Paysafe cards you cannot withdraw any money via that method.

The most important thing you need to know when it comes to payment methods is how long you will have to wait to see you money once you have requested a withdrawal from your betting account.

With Skrill, PayPal and Neteller you will see your money after about six hours, although it could be slightly longer. If you use the bank transfer method of withdrawing you can expect to wait anywhere from one to five days again – the same as when you deposit this way.

If you choose to withdraw your money via Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards you will have to wait roughly three to five days before the money shows up in your account. It is important to note here that these are working, banking days so if the time period falls over a weekend or a bank holiday then it will be slightly longer again.

The reason that it takes a bit longer to get at your money than deposit it in your customer account is wholly down to banking regulations and systems and you will find that the waiting times are standard across a lot of different online areas.

How to Place a Bet Online

So now you know how to sign up for a brand new customer account and how to get money into that account you will probably want to actually make a bet!

For more experienced punters this is already something you know but there may be people attracted to online sports betting for the first time who will need a little bit of guidance. This is especially true when it comes to these kinds of big sporting occasions such as the Cricket World Cup.

People who may not have had much interest in the sport before are suddenly interested in it as there is a lot of information in the media. If England start off successfully in a tournament in their own country then that will make more people aware of what is going on and they may well feel like getting further involved by having a bet or two.

Placing a bet has been made as simple as possible by the bookies. Gone are the days of the complicated process of putting a bet on with unknown terms and phrases. Even high street bookies are more welcoming now – but online it is even easier.

On a very basic level you might just want to bet on the winner of a match. Whatever online sports betting site you use, all you need to do is find the cricket section and go to the relevant game. Usually the games will be presented in a chronological way so you should be able to find your one straight away. For bigger occasions such as the Cricket World Cup you will probably find that the markets are promoted so you won’t even have to search at all.

When you have found the game you want to bet on you will normally see the odds for the match result listed. For all other markets you will just need to click on the teams and they will be displayed as well.

Although we have gone through a few of the types of bets you can make on a cricket match, if you just want to have a go at predicting the winner you just need to click on the odds next to the team you fancy. This will automatically put the information about the bet onto the betslip which is usually somewhere on the right hand side of the screen.


Don’t worry; you have not made your bet yet. You have just added it to your slip. If you want you can add some more bets but for now we will concentrate on just the one bet at a time. You can now decide how much you want to bet. The ‘stake’ box is where you can enter that information and as you do most betting sites will automatically show you what your potential return would be if you are successful. This amount is not guaranteed but it gives a pretty good indication of what you can expect to get back.

If you are happy with the bet all you then need to do is click on the place bet prompt and you are done! Once you have placed your bet it cannot be recalled so make sure that you are happy with your selection. The final part of the process is waiting to see if you have won. And sometimes having a flutter on a match can make it seem more interesting!

Handy Hints and Tips for Betting on Cricket


We have seen that just because a side are performing well at one version of the game, it does not necessarily follow that they will be good at another. And sometimes a country’s fortunes will change over time so that they get better at, say one day internationals, where they used to be known more for their test match results.

So it is very important to get the latest results to guide you as to how they will perform at the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The form of a team going into the tournament is a good indication of how they will perform when it comes to the competition – no matter what their record in previous World Cups might be.

The weather can have an enormous effect on the outcome of a match – especially when it comes to one day internationals. Obviously if the weather is really bad the match may not go ahead or be amended to make it a shorter game but even slight changes in conditions can have an impact.

When there is really warm, sunny weather bowlers can find it more difficult to break down a batting side so higher scores may be achieved. But if it has been really hot for a while then the pitch will be affected and cracks may start appearing which can make the bounce of the ball much more unpredictable so it really pays to keep up to date with all the conditions surrounding a match. If it is overcast when a match is being played bowlers can use the change in atmosphere to their advantage as well so smaller run totals may well be the result.

You can find that when it comes to betting on cricket the odds are not always the greatest indicator of how a match will go as compared to other sports. Longer odds in cricket are not always a sign of a bet to steer clear of as they are elsewhere. In cricket – and especially with one day internationals – things can change very quickly so you need to make sure you know how the game is going.

Due to the nature of the sport it just needs a bowler to hit a really rich vein of form and pick up a few wickets in quick succession and the outlook of the match will suddenly change. This is the same if the tail of an innings somehow puts on a large amount of runs. These kinds of things can completely change the way a match is going so ante post odds can suddenly feel very out of touch with the game in hand.

Some matches will be more predictable than others but Cricket World Cups always bring out a few surprises so no game can really be a foregone conclusion when it gets to this tournament.
It may seem very obvious but the biggest tip you can get when it comes to how to bet on cricket – and the World Cup in particular – is to do your research. The longer you spend finding out about the teams and players and their relative strengths and weaknesses, the more likely you will be to get some winning returns. At this current time there are still a lot of cricket to be played before we even know the way the tournament will look but once we get a little bit more information punters can start doing their research and get ready for the games to begin.

Betting on the 2019 Cricket World Cup


So now you should have a bit better understanding of one day cricket and who to bet on when it comes to the World Cup in 2019. There may be a lot still to happen before we can have a real insight into how we think the tournament will go but a little bit of information now can put punters in a good place when it comes closer to the competition starting.

Some of the bigger cricketing nations can be expected to perform again. With just one group in the first stage of the tournament it could be more likely that the top countries such as Australia, India and England should be good enough to qualify for the knockout rounds. But with no quarter final stage that means that only four countries go through which will leave some fancied nations missing out.

It is highly likely that a so-called cricket minnow will cause an upset or two at some point during the round robin group stage but for a country like Ireland, Afghanistan or Zimbabwe to make to the final four would seem to be out of the question. Obviously, you never can tell what will happen in sport but that is the beauty of the game.

And with the huge amount of betting markets that will be open to punters once the Cricket World Cup come around it is not just a case of attempting to predict the winner of the competition. Individual matches, players and teams will all have a wide range of bets related to them so there will be more than enough choice for anyone interested in having a flutter.

The Cricket World Cup is always a great spectacle for the sport and the one thing you can absolutely guarantee is that the 2019 tournament will be just as good as those that gone before. We might have more information at our fingertips than ever before but there is sure to be some surprises once the competition starts.

It might be considered a shame if one of the big test playing nations don’t make it to the World Cup but if Pakistan – for example – are unable to qualify then it means that a smaller country could really grasp their chance to shine on one of the biggest stages in world cricket. The formats of previous incarnations of the Cricket World Cup mean that fans have never experienced a competition without one of the big boys there. It may be that they all end up making it but it does mean that fans will already be excited for the tournament to start thanks to what will surely be a nail biting end to qualification.


Whoever you end up betting on – and whoever you want to win – the 2019 Cricket World Cup is sure to be an exciting month for all involved and a competition that could be very profitable for punters if they get their selections right.

Patriotic home supporters might feel like it is finally time for England to win a competition that they have hosted four times already. Can the fifth time be lucky for them? Australians will be hoping that their dominance of this competition continues and their recent form takes them to yet another victory – their sixth in total.

South Africa, India, New Zealand and all the other countries will have a say in the way the tournament finally goes but whatever happens it will be a great month of top class cricket for everyone to enjoy, no matter how into the game they are now. And it could be even better if they manage to get a few winning bets come in as well!